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Meet the Hound - Three Great Marketing Tools in One Awesome Website.

Call TrackingPurchase virtual numbers that forward to your existing phone line to track the effectiveness of your online and offline ads and offers.

Text CampaignsSet up text campaigns and segment your audience by interest.

Track Calls by Volume, Duration, and Origin

The first rule in marketing is to do what works and drop what doesn't. With its ability to create and track phone numbers, The Hound is a convenient and easy-to-use tool for tracking print, web, TV, radio and direct mail campaigns so you can track your return on investment for every advertising effort.

Engage Your Customers with Text Campaigns

Text campaigns are a great way to reward your customers with timely information and generous offers. The Hound takes your text campaigns to a new level by allowing you to segment your audience based on interest and by creating unique trackable links into your text message so you know what offers are resonating with your customers.

Clear & Concise Reporting

The Hound delivers presentation-ready manager-level and c-level reports that are attractive and packed with useful information, so you can set your benchmarks and make your move to lead the pack.

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